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In the summer of 2005, Italian punk rock band Kharisma went to Japan to do a series of promo dates to release their Kharisma EP (E.M.I. Music Italy Srl., produced by Livio at Angel's Conspiracy Italy). The band members, along with music producer and DJ Filippo "Vika" Vicario, went to Tokyo to perform at venues Ikebukuro Club, Mosaic ( Shimokitazawa) other rock clubs in Ueno, Shibuya, Roppongi, and Ikebukuro. While performing live with Kharisma, the bass player/singer Julyo started to live as V.J. with D.J. Vika, leading to a weekly residency at legendary MOJO Club Roppongi Hills, Heartland Club, and several other electronic music clubs.
The duo started to initially perform under the name "Photosonik," later on changed to "Photosonic Orchestra. During 2005, a series of bootleg mixtapes, live D.J. sets, and DJ/VJ compilations recorded on VHS tape and C.D.s, circulated in the Tokyo underground scene, building the name of Photosonic Orchestra as "color-sound duo".
In between 2009 and 2010, the Photosonic Orchestra performed in Europe, at Tripod Club (Dublin, IE), Timbuk2 (Bristol, UK), and several festivals, including Whirly Gig 2009 (Ireland), Body & Soul Festival 2010, D.E.A.F. Festival 2009, and several other venues and festivals. In 2010, the Photosonic Orchestra signed a deal with Elec-Trip Records and released remixes for Belfast-based label Dublin Xpress. In 2010, Julyo performed the first 3D V.J. set in a dance music venue for F.X.S. Group Inc. event "Dreamers" at legendary Marbella dance venue "The Dreamers," reviewed by Spain national newspaper El Pais. In 2011, the Photosonic Orchestra won the IDMA (Irish Dance Music Awards) as Best Live Act and was featured extensively on Power FM, Dublin (IE). Since 2012, the Photosonic Orchestra members have been focusing on their solo careers. In 2020, during the Covid 19 pandemic, the Photosonic Orchestra founders Julyo and D.J. Vika decided to reunite and produce new material."



Founded in 2005 by Award winner VJ / DJ and music producer Julyo and DJ Vika in Tokyo, Japan. The duo has performed and toured in Asia and Europe between 2005 and 2010. Photosonic Orchestra has pioneered color-sound music and Brain VJ in EDM. Their legendary live sets have been captured in the documentary "Tokyo Now: 2005". The current lineup includes Julyo plus special guests. Photosonic Orchestra's music can be described as an eclectic electronic mix of techno rave, nu-jazz, ambient with Chicago house influences.


ANAGLYPH by Photosonic Orchestra (Elec Trip Records | EMI) Special guests: Antonello d’Orazio ( sax on ‘Prelude’ and ‘You make me laugh’), Martyna ‘Tyna’ Halas (vocals on ‘Infinite in infinity’), Christopher ‘Robotnik’ Morrin (vocals in ‘Nocturne’) ANAGLYPH Anaglyph images are used to provide a stereoscopic 3D effect when viewed with 2 color glasses (each lens a chromatically opposite color, usually red and blue).

Copy Katz (Photosonic Orchestra remix) - Cut Bit Motorz [ 2010-03-30 ]

Check Spotify, Beatport, or Soundcloud for up-to-date releases, and remixes.


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The Festival of World Cultures isn’t the only place where you’ll find a globe-straddling bill this month. Taking place in Temple Bar’s Meeting House Square on August 23, the DubArtsFest has two strands – the family-oriented Fairground Attraction, which runs from 11am till 5pm and is free, and Whirly Gig which runs from 6.30pm to 1am, costs €15 to get into and is billed as “Ireland’s first audiovisual VJ, DJ and live music spectacular.” The latter features international deckmeisters from England, Japan, and Italy including headliner DJ Cheeba of Ninja Tunes and Detectives Of Perspective fame; Asian colour sound merchants The Photosonic Orchestra; Noise Control (pictured); Robotnik; Botheads; Mandolin Man; and a still to be confirmed special guest.

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El País , 2009

PHOTOSONIC ORCHESTA ( Julyo + Vika ).png

"Color - sound merchants, the Photosonic Orchestra' HOT PRESS magazine (Aug 2009)

Best Score Soundtrack For Motion Picture ("Photosonic", 2006) New York Independent Film Festival 2006

PHOTOSONIC ORCHESTRA is an electronic music / dance duo from Italy, consisting of Award winner VJ / music producer Giulio "Julyo" D'Agostino and DJ / music producer Filippo "Vika" Vicario. Their career initially ran from 2005 until 2006, but in 2009 they announced that they would be reforming and headlining at the Whirly Gig 2009 and D.E.A.F.Music Festival 2009 in Ireland, in addition to a number of other live shows.

One of the biggest names in the European underground scene during 2005, The Photosonic Orchestra was both popularly and commercially successful and known particularly for their element of live video and audio improvisation during shows, a rarity within minimal / house acts. They were initially influenced musically by the early Detroit House and the music production of Ricardo Villalobos. Visually their performance includes elements of early 90's video art (Matthew Barney, Bill Viola, etc.) and the pop art sense of digital art pioneer Laurence Gartel.

In early 2010 the 'Photosonic Orchestra' will be launching the first-ever 3D live audiovisual show, using live footage from live performances and interactive live with the audience.

Labels : Elec Trip Records | Nice&Nasty / Xpress Dublin

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